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The web developers' checklist

100 requirements for creating successful websites.

This book will help you:

Tick My Boxes book

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Inside the book

The book is packed with useful advice on best practice web development techniques.

List of checkpointsIt is broken down into 100 requirements. Each requirement explains why it exists and how it should be tackled. We share our tried-and-tested techniques as well as tricks to get the best results. The book concentrates on the key requirements for a well built site. The advice is based on quality, not quantity, helping you make progress, fast.

The checklist format lets you pick it up and get stuck in straight away.

How to use it

Explanation of checkpointConsider this book as your best-practice to-do list. Use it before you start building the site and during its development. Before you launch your site, go through each requirement and tick the box when it is complete.

It is the distillation of years of web building by its authors Léon Brocard and Jake Brumby.

Who is this book for?

This book is for web developers, project managers and business owners. It will remind you of the things, large and small, you should do when building a website.

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Buy the book for the discounted price of £8.99 (normal price £15). It comes in paperback and is printed by the excellent self-publishing service, Lulu. Delivery takes about 1 week. The current version of the book is 0.71 and updates are released every 2 months.

The authors

Léon BrocardLéon Brocard is a prominent member of the Perl web development community. He built his first website in 1995 and has since worked on numerous large web applications. His work on automating vodcasts, Flash floorplans and PDF interpretation for Foxtons set the new standard in estate agency websites. He led the 5-person team that created Canon's pan-European photo sharing website from 2001-2004. He advocates open source software, having contributed over 80 Perl distributions and modules to CPAN. When he is not building websites, he is organising conferences and giving talks around the world.

Jake BrumbyJake Brumby is a web all-rounder having been responsible for design, development, project management and account management during his career. In 1999, he co-founded web development agency, Imagine Media Ltd, growing it to a staff of 6 serving 40 clients from small businesses to those the size of Mars Inc. He sold the company to Fresca Ltd in 2002 and became Head of Development, expanding the web development team and client base to include Coca-Cola, Pentax and Virgin Megastores. Jake went solo as a web consultant for 2 years before founding Mr Monkey Ltd with Leon.

Why did we write this book?

We wrote this book because we needed it ourselves. There are so many things to do (or not to do) when building a website, it's tough to get them all right. First you need to know what they are, then you need to remember them all. Having the requirements listed in this book means 1) you remember them and 2) they get done.

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